Lynn has been carving out her sound since moving to Nashville.

Lynn has been forming this tight unit of musicians and out of their jam sessions has come music that is getting attention by their constant regional touring. They are doing it the real way, by playing every chance they get, letting audiences respond, letting the music evolve.
We now have college radio airplay in New York, MA, PA, Florida, TN, CT, OH, ME, NC with medium to heave rotation and hit the charts in five stations. Its exciting to have the kids requesting our music and we are trying to connect with those station listeners and travel to support the airplay.

rehearsing for our next show 

So the day before we play a show in Nashville, my outstanding drummer and I are writing a new song. We plan to throw it out there tomorrow night, kind a like a real practice only the audience will really be a part of the process-to keep the song or figure its only a step from really taking people by surprise. Guess, I would like to add whatever other progression I would like to go to next. I


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